Master of Qi 2021 | May 1 -2


Daily Schedule

Day 1 Agenda

Saturday, May 1

Morning Agenda




Keynote Speaker Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

You’ll just have to attend to see for yourself!


Qi Break with Rong Li, Qigong Healer & Instructor

‘The Power of Sound through Chanting’ 


Speaker: Master Gadu Doushin, Qigong Master, SFQ Master Teacher

Evolution of a Healer: How to Become a Better Healer

In this talk, Spring Forest Qigong Master Gadu Doushin will talk about what he learned in his development as a Qigong healer. He will discuss what is healing, what is a Spring Forest Qigong Healer and how to become a better healer, using his experiences and healing stories as references.


Qi Break with Master Jerry Wellik, Qigong Master

‘Tapping in the Right Place’ 


Speaker: Hector Campero, Certified Qigong Healer

Uncover the Radiance of the Heart: How to Clear Emotional Blockages with SFQ

In his presentation, Hector will be focusing on his experience working with the emotional body – from Five Element Theory to healing emotional blockages to raising the emotional frequency towards enlightenment, – all by using SFQ teachings and techniques. 

This presentation will include a written exercise and healing meditation to release emotional blockages. Come ready with pen and paper!


Qi Break with Master Marcelle Visser, Qigong Master, SFQ Master Teacher


Self-care Break

In the Afternoon


Qi Break with Nancy Havera, Certified Qigong Trainer

‘Happy Hands’ 

Revisit setting intentions with the important acupressure points (Qi Buttons) in the hands 


Speaker: Master Hon Lee, Qigong Master & TCM Dr.

‘Food As Medicine’

Do you have problems with excess weight, high cholesterol, indigestion, low energy, muscle weakness, allergies, nasal congestion, or frequent colds?

Spring Forest Qigong Master Hon K. Lee will discuss how healthy eating from a Chinese medicine perspective can help prevent and resolve these and many other common health problems.  Hon will describe the central role of Earth in Five Element Theory; causes of poor gut health; and how to balance food temperatures and flavors to optimize nutrition. He’ll recommend a healthy diet according to Chinese Medicine and explain why most diets fail because they’re missing the most Critical Factor.


Qi Break with Lorrie Formella, Certified Qigong Trainer

Take a Walk on the “New Life” Side 

Guided Movement of Seven Steps to New Life


Speaker: Munira Jiwa, Qigong Master, SFQ Master Teacher

The Spreading of Qi-Joy 

Join Master Munira in an engaging interview style presentation that discusses her journey with SFQ and Master Lin.  She discusses the power of connecting to our breath and how this simple act of connecting to the universe has lead her to spreading the “Qi-Joy” in her local community and beyond her Canadian borders.  The interview covers how she began this amazing journey, the ‘how’ she started to engage her local community and ends with a discussion of  the amazing connections we have found during the turbulent past year


Qi Break with Ann Minoff, Certified Qigong Healer & Instructor

Bouncing for Health & Longevity 


Speaker Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

You’ll just have to attend to see for yourself! Join Master Lin for a deep meditation!


End of Day 1

Day 2 Agenda

Sunday, May 2

Morning Agenda


Morning Qigong Outdoor with Sue Crites, Certified Qigong Healer & Instructor

30 Minutes Deep Qigong Practice – Making Everyday a Good Day!

If the weather cooperates, Sue will be leading the morning Qigong practice lakeside, from Canada. If you’ve seen her Qigong videos on YouTube, you may recognize where she is! 


Welcome Back!


Keynote Speaker Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

You’ll just have to attend to see for yourself!


Qi Break with Misa Tsuyoshi, Certified Qigong Healer & Instructor

Seated Meditation: Recharge When You are Down

Briefly shares her healing story of her husbands recovery with Qigong. Short sitting meditation.


Speaker: Ann Van de Winckel, Qigong Research, Assistant Professor, PhD., MSPT, PT

Qigong and Chronic Pain 

Take a journey into the functioning of the brain with Ann Van de Winckel to learn how Qigong can help relieve chronic pain and help with coping and resilience after a stroke. 


Qi Break with Terry Leers, Certified Qigong Trainer

‘Discovering your Passport to Peace’ 

Connecting heaven and earth movement  


Speaker: Master Jim Nance, Qigong Master & Founder of 'Guiding Qi'

Look at How Far We’ve Come

Our reality has shifted. Through Spring Forest Qigong, we are bringing this incredible gift into the world. This, I feel, is something that really needs to be applauded. We listen not only through our ears; we are developing different tools and listening to our lives in new and fascinating ways. As a result, we realize— we’re not isolated, but in union—all people, all plants, animals; and the universe. Let’s take a look…


Qi Break with Master Glenn Tobey, Qigong Master


Closing Qigong Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin


The End of Master of Qi 2021


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