Master of Qi 2022 | April 23 & 24

master of qi 2022

Cultivating Flowers In Your Qi Field


What is Master of Qi

An annual Qigong conference: a multiday Spring Forest Qigong homecoming event which features its top healers, teachers, and community leaders; designed for SFQ practitioners to recharge their own Qi, realign with their own visions, deepen their Qigong study, and to reconnect to the SFQ’s greater Qi Field. 

Why Join the Master of Qi

Spring Forest Qigong has evolved in a huge way.  Master Lin has released entirely new curriculum for Spring Forest Qigong – Qi Activation (Level One), Qigong for Healers (Level Two), and Become A Powerful Healer (Level Three) with more clarity, more streamlined Qigong teachings designed for you to understand the power of Spring Forest Qigong and benefit from it  immediately. Learn more at Master of Qi 2022.

And, there are more reasons…

The Purpose of Master of Qi


the practice of SFQ by sharing insights and wisdom from a variety of community leaders and advanced practitioners, so we can immerse SFQ practitioners to a deeper experience of Qigong practice. 


new Qigong students or non-practitioners by introducing Spring Forest Qigong practice and lifestyle, so they can discover and experience that they were born a healer. 

To Strengthen

and develop our own Qi Fields by inspiring and leading individual Qigong practices within a like-minded community, thereby generating an even bigger SFQ Qi Field with its own collective consciousness and limitless possibilities. 




Starts April 11

What Does It Include? 

New Discoveries

Neverbeforeseen Qigong discoveries and teaching from Master Lin. 


Master Chunyi Lin guiding LIVE Qigong internal refinement practices (for advancement in Qigong practice or for healing). 

Qi Breaks

Practice of Qigong movements and meditations all day long via Qi-Breaks, which are led by notable SFQ community leaders. 


An opportunity to magnify your Qi Field and to connect with the greater collective consciousness of SFQ. 

Love Radiators

Connection with your tribe and the love of your fellow Love Radiators. 

Video Replay

Access to the live event and unlimited access to a full video replay. 

Keynote Speakers

Expecting our BEST speakers. Our BEST healers. Our Qigong Masters in Master of Qi 2022. Our high-powered, family-sized, long-lastingest love-radiators. From every walk of life – doctors… dancers… teachers… coaches… moms… and of course, everyone’s favorite, Master Chunyi Lin himself. 

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